Study Groups

This study group has opened my mind to think about what is possible when we move through our own denial and take an honest look at what’s right in front of us. I’ve been learning that the way things work is very different from what I was taught to believe. I’m becoming aware and figuring out how I can get involved in my community. This is the only way we can be available to create better solutions.”

– Judy Springsteen, participant

Over nine months, this study group provides historic and systemic understanding, emotional courage and support, and skills and tools to contribute meaningfully to social change efforts that can address root causes of the crises we face. Along the way, you will to do the following:

Acquire vital information. Get the backstory behind the sound bites in the news. Fill in the big picture behind the crises we face and their current, rapidly changing manifestations. Information about the history of the global economy and international politics is made engaging and accessible.

Place yourself in history. Deepen your understanding of the history and evolution of social change. Locate yourself and your change-work in this bigger picture.

Study change. Learn a variety of principles and methods related to personal, social and systemic change. Then apply them as you identify, clarify and take steps to manifest your contributions.

Become a more powerful agent of change. Our actions – the ways we engage with each other – are the basic building blocks upon which our culture is built. Gather more tools for working across differences in ways that heal traumas of oppression and division, and open up new vistas of possibility for us all. Build the skills to manifest your work in ways that align with your vision, in real time and with your program partners.

The program includes:
  • Curriculum, exercises and group discussion
  • Meeting every other week as a small group
  • Designing and implementing your action plan
  • A built-in support system
  • Individual check-ins
  • Monthly Alumni check-ins after the program is completed
This may be for you if you are:
  • Committed to creating a culture of individual and collective well-being
  • Eager to experience more connection and ability to take responsibility in the world
  • Not familiar with histories, theories or the practice of social change, and
  • Not afraid to understand and transform the ways your actions or history might be implicated in the problems we face

You can find out more about who I am, and some of my own journey, here.


​In you're interested in finding out more about this intensive study group, I invite you to contact me