​The task I have set for myself is to learn how to help build the world I want to live in with others. ​To this task I bring my skills and experience, ​​my ​questions and fears. ​I bring my personal experience; my activism, organizing and organization-building experience; my education in personal, social and systems change; my master's degree in the politics of alternative development studies; my ​experience ​in adult education; and my partnership. ​

​​If you would like to contact me directly, I can be reached at mich at wetipthebalance dot org . Or you can accept the invitation below, and I'll get back to you promptly.

This ​invitation​ ​is for people who are:

  • Committed to creating a culture of individual and collective well-being
  • Eager to experience more connection and ability to take responsibility in the world
  • Not familiar with histories, theories or the practice of social change, and
  • Not afraid to understand and transform the ways your actions or history might be implicated in the problems we face

​I invite you to contact me about learning how to make change together.


​I have long been amazed at ​Mich's ability to focus on the intricacies of an organization and still be fully cognizant and mindful of the larger issues at stake. She is a deeply ethical, highly skilled, and effective advocate for a just world.

​​Barry Trachtenberg

​​Professor of History


As a new small business owner, working with Mich has been an incredible help. The most valuable thing I got from Mich was a way ​to think about my work that is both big picture and small; she gave me a methodical way to hold all the pieces.

Jonah Aline Daniel
/​​ Owner, Narrow Bridge Candles


Mich is the kind of fighter you want on your side. She is courageous, thorough, contemplative, dedicated and just irreverent enough that you hardly notice how incredibly serious she is about changing the world as quickly as possible. If you have a chance to work with Mich, do it.

​​Emily Katz
​​Marketing Specialist