The Project

Is it important to you to not only take action, but to get good at making a difference?

If you’re developing a political practice or reviving one from another time, it may feel daunting, unfamiliar, and full of unknowns. You may sense that there is a lot of information out there, but not know where to start or even what questions to ask.

We Tip the Balance is an educational project for learning our way into a more sane, just, livable world.

We live in a precarious moment in history; a time of both daunting crises and profound opportunities for change. Our responses are part of a deep process of reshaping our own worldviews and the world itself.

People who are fighting for their personal and cultural survival, sometimes inheriting struggles fought for centuries, are at the center of crucial efforts for change. Building on the knowledge of those who have come before them, social movements are at the forefront of demilitarizing and decorporatizing our economy, protecting the environment and attempting to hold public officials  accountable.

New seekers of social change who are not part of these movements are also feeling a deep sense of urgency to get involved. Many aspiring change makers, maybe even you, have relative access to wealth, self-determination and freedom from the ravages of war, repression and police violence. That doesn’t keep you from feeling a threat to your own individual security, or to our collective well-being. But it may keep you from finding ways to get involved, or from doing that in concert with those who have much more at stake and a lot more experience.

We Tip the Balance helps people get informed, partner with others, and get involved. Together we explore what we are collectively learning about social change and how to make our caring count.

We Tip the Balance Offerings

2-hour introductory workshops introduce the approach.

3-hour focus workshops focus on specific ways we can participate in cultural transformation through the choices we make in our daily lives.

Day-long seminars build skills for addressing the emotional and practical challenges of living in a moment of such significant change.

Full-length programs provide information and tools for people who are new to social action.

Find out if participating in We Tip the Balance may be for you.

We Tip the Balance is not academic, but intellectual. Thought provoking. It demands personal reflection.

Judy Springsteen, participant