Change is in the air.

​We Tip the Balance ​is part of a burgeoning community of people ​​learning about change together.

WTB ​creates forums for people who are hungry to learn how to build a world of collective well-being out of the world we have. Gathering food for thought, we take time to step back from daily activities to take emotional stock, check in, rejuvenate, update our analyses, reflect on our visions and goals and revise or evolve our strategies. 

For people joining in the work of building a culture and society of collective well-being, this a supportive environment of learning and growth. For more seasoned activists, organizers and cultural workers, it's an invitation to explore with us, and help cultivate and inform that engagement.

We live at a time of profound change - a tipping point between one world and another. Growing awareness of this transformative process begs, as Ed Whitfield of the Fund for Democratic Communities puts it, that we learn how to think together.

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Mich shows us how political meaning is made and challenges us to investigate our locations, our work in the world, and what systems our work serves or challenges.

Helen Klonaris, participant

We Tip the Balance

Mich's work is a fascinating amalgam of intellectual and experiential activity that possesses tremendous potential for stimulating and challenging those invited to participate. 

Dan Soloff, cultural studies professor

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Participate in an experiential presentation and discussion about studying change


Explore various and new understandings of the kinds of change we are in together

The Listening Project

Listen, learn and be heard across divisions created by the global economy

​​Collaborating for Democracy

Let's find ways to share visions, values and goals for collective well-being across and within partisan divides

Study Groups

Expand your big picture, see your place in it, study change, and make your difference in community with others

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WTB is Mich's way to continue learning with others how to build the world she wants to live in with you