The Project

cropped-WeTipTheBalance-zoom-in-on-delta.jpgWe Tip the Balance is an educational project for learning our way into a more sane, just, livable world. We live in a precarious moment in history of both daunting crises and profound opportunities for change. Our responses are part of a deep process of reshaping our own worldview and the world itself.

For many, there is a huge gap between how we feel about the relentless, unnecessary suffering and violence we see all around us and what we’re able to do about it. This may be especially true for people who aren’t directly engaged in a struggle for their own personal or cultural survival. People who aren’t among those most impacted by systemic oppression and violence might have less experience and information to draw from, and fewer tools at their disposal for joining in this work, even if their heart or mind calls them to action.

WTB helps make caring count. Acquiring the ability to stand on the shoulders of history’s change makers connects us with a wealth of experience and courage, and with others who share a commitment for a more livable world.

Find out if participating in We Tip the Balance may be for you.

We Tip the Balance is not academic, but intellectual. Thought provoking. It demands personal reflection.

Judy Springsteen, participant