Making Caring Count

Linda Moore 2005 framed

Linda Moore 2005 framed

We Tip the Balance is for new seekers of social change who struggle with anxiety about the gravity of the challenges we collectively face, uncertainty about the future, and doubt in our ability to find useful answers in due time. Through education, strategic planning and principled partnership, We Tip the Balance shows you how to find your own sense hope, feel your own sense of humanity, and be a meaningful part of the solution.

This work has become so important because we are living at a time of both daunting crises and profound opportunities for change. Learning how to make caring count is part of a deep process of reshaping our own worldviews and the world itself.

And this work is happening. At the center of efforts for change are people fighting for their personal and cultural survival. Some have inherited struggles fought for centuries. Contemporary social movements with rich histories are growing and learning from each other. They are busy figuring out what change efforts of today look like, and what they might look like tomorrow.

We Tip the Balance prepares new seekers of social change find ways to work in concert with those who have different stakes and lots of experience. Through the process, we reconnect to our own histories, to the environment of which we are a part, to community, and to our own beliefs, values and sense of self. We ask questions about what we are collectively learning about social change. We learn more about how to make our caring count.

Participants who are committed to finding ways to take social action will be able to:
  • Make more effective and valuable contributions
  • Feel a renewed sense of hope and possibility
  • Know about the history, methods and current state of social change efforts
  • Engage in more meaningful connections with others
  • Live life more fully from aspirations for our collective well-being
We Tip the Balance may be for you if you are:
  • Committed to creating a culture of individual and collective well-being
  • Eager to experience more connection and ability to take responsibility in the world
  • Not afraid to understand and transform the ways your actions or history might be implicated in the problems we face

You can find out more here, and feel free to contact me.