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Today's political landscape is changing quickly, profoundly, and in complex ways. Time will tell what we call and how we understand the newly emerging political terrain from which theories and methods are emerging as communities are making sense of collective practices together. Let's talk about the changes we are in, the changes we are making, and the culture of change we are creating together. All discussion forums are free to join unless otherwise stated.

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​Here are some examples of questions these forums are designed to address:

What gets in the way for you? What questions, feelings, or challenges are showing up as barriers to you making the change you would like to see and/or be in the world? These are the places we can learn together.

Are you experiencing a feeling of isolation, or not knowing where or how to step in? One of the collective challenges for many people is to find new ways of relating that actually align with our visions for the world and for our own lives.

Are you experiencing emotional and/or practical overwhelm? Sorting all this out is a process, and there are strategies for doing so. We need not do this alone; quite the opposite, it makes sense to be able to address and figure these things out together.

Do you have shifting ideas and new questions about your own political positions? Are you in the process of reassessing how to locate yourself as a white person, a person living in the U.S., as a person otherwise removed from the front lines of social struggle, or as a person with relative access to wealth, resources, freedom of movement and freedom from police and/or state violence?