The Listening Project

Our own stories and the stories of others reflect worldviews, including the visions we hold for our shared future. Together these visions can help us elicit what it is we are learning together, and how we might better navigate different investments and risks along the way. We can learn from each other what it will require, and become partners in that task.

    The Listening Project is a way to share:

  • narratives about the challenges we collectively face,
  • the strategies communities are employing to address them, and
  • what they are learning about how to be here well together

Given the world we live in and the ways that differences are prioritized, marginalized and invisibilized, herein lies a concrete task of undoing racism and oppression internal to and across our movements.

I believe that by listening to and serving the people most likely to be harmed, by forging new vehicles for collaboration, by forcefully moving ahead with sustained grassroots resistance and action for institutional accountability, we can use technology to defend and provide sanctuary to our communities, while also demanding change from decision makers of all kinds. Powered by grassroots leadership and culturally grounded expertise, I believe that we can win. If you agree, join us, as we will join you.

Malkia Cyril, Director, Center for Media Justice