We can learn together about the changes we are in, the changes we are making, and the culture of change we are creating.

Are you wanting to make a bigger difference, and are not sure where or how to step in? Ironically, this can feel isolating even though finding new ways of relating that align with our visions for the world and for our own lives is also a collective challenge.

Are you experiencing emotional and/or practical overwhelm? Sorting it all out is a process, and there are strategies and tools for doing so. We need not do this alone; quite the opposite, it makes sense to be able to address and figure these things out together.

Do you have evolving values, opinions or political positions you want to discuss openly with others? Are the meaning of such things as democracy, freedom, change, and security up for you?

Do you have a heightened self-awareness right now? Perhaps like so many of us, you are revisiting what it means to be a white person, a person living in the U.S., or as a person with relative access to wealth and self-determination or freedom from the direct impact of war, repression and police violence.

What else is coming up for you? These are places and ways we can learn together. Let’s get coffee, maybe invite or join others, maybe meet again.

Let’s talk about it. If you write me, I’ll contact you back.