Collaborating for Democracy

Learn to talk across deep differences (political, religious, class, race, ethnicity, gender, ability, nationality, etc.) using shared values in our collective well-being as a bridge. 

Here in the United States, divisions and divisiveness seem to be eating away at political parties, communities and families. Partisan media feuds seems to fuel these divisions rather than support their resolution.

Tensions and contradictions play out in our culture as anxiety, victimhood, targeting, police violence, vigilantism, terrorism and loss of precious lives.

Collaborating for Democracy is a way to actively value our collective well-being. With that one shared value – our collective well-being – participants will explore and practice democratic participation in the hopes of learning how to help overcome the barriers and limitations of political divisions and divisiveness.

  • How can we collaborate on this project effectively?
  • What drives intensifying social divisions and how can these root causes be addressed?
  • In what ways are democratic practices also deepening and broadening, and how can we learn from and build on them?
  • How might this project support collaboration for democracy in other forums and arena?

This kind of collaboration requires distilling a shared vision we can learn to navigate our way toward together – each from our various standpoints, and based on our specific and immediate needs. Doing this well will require having agreements we abide by, principles or tools to guide us, and everyone in the room bringing their skills, experience and intention. If you are interested in contributing to the development of such a project, or just to be in conversation informally as it develops, please send me a quick note so I can get back to you.