Choosing or Deepening Your Change Work

Mich is a deeply dedicated and extremely knowledgeable teacher. This work is her calling. She sources relevant materials, asks penetrating questions, and invites us to discuss the material. She makes relevant connections not only within the texts but to our own lives and our locations in the world. She shows us how political meaning is made and challenges us to investigate our locations, our work in the world, what systems our work serves or challenges. After each session I came away with new insights and saw how large concepts around ‘development’, the economy, racial justice, were also connected to my own life. I left the course inspired to think in transformative terms, and to act!

– Helen Klonaris, participant

In this program individuals become more powerful agents of change by exploring the intimate relationships between our political system, our inner landscapes, and our actions in the world. By recognizing where we fit in existing systems, we can act more effectively to transform political realities and imagine new, more self-sustaining paradigms. Identify and unlearn those embedded ideas we all hold to some degree that get in the way of moving toward a new vision. Incorporate new empowering ideas to bring your passions to effective action and help create a world of individual and collective well-being.

This 8-session program meets as a group every two weeks, with one-on-one check-ins on the alternate weeks.

  • Meeting 1: Introductions and Goals
  • Meeting 2: History and today’s current crises
  • Meeting 3: A global economy that functions by exclusion
  • Meeting 4: Current global political economy and our locations in it
  • Meeting 5: Case Studies and alternative models
  • Meeting 6: Making choices based on our locations
  • Meeting 7: Strategic planning
  • Meeting 8: Implications, applications and closure

For more information, please feel free to contact me directly.