​Study Groups: coordinated excursions ​into the future through the past

This is a time of both daunting crises and profound opportunities for change; we must tip the balance toward the best ways forward. This is the time to reconnect to our own histories, to the environment of which we are a part, to community, and to our own beliefs and values. In this study-to-action group, we ask questions about what we are collectively learning about social change, and we learn about making change.

Break through the personal, interpersonal and cultural barriers that keep you managing in the world we have rather than building the world you want to live in with others.

Acquire the historic and systemic understanding, emotional courage and support, and skills and tools to contribute meaningfully to social change efforts that can address root causes of the crises we face.

The process of engaging in this collective work also transforms us as individuals. We Tip the Balance supports a personal process of change...

We Tip the Balance Study​ Groups are learner-centered and historically-based explorations of new ways of doing, being and relating. Together we acquire information, tools and skills for tipping the balance toward the best way forward with our families, neighborhoods, workplaces, organizations and institutions.

Along the way, you will learn to do the following:

Acquire vital information. Get the backstory behind the sound bites in the news. Fill in the big picture behind the crises we face and their current, rapidly changing manifestations. Information about the history of the global economy and international politics is made engaging and accessible.

Place yourself in history. Deepen your understanding of the history and evolution of social change. Locate yourself and your change-work in this bigger picture.

Study change. Learn a variety of principles and methods related to personal, social and systemic change. Then apply them as you identify, clarify and take steps to manifest your contributions.

Become a more powerful agent of change. Our actions – the ways we engage with each other – are the basic building blocks upon which our culture is built. Gather more tools for working across differences in ways that heal traumas of oppression and division, and open up new vistas of possibility for us all. Build the skills to manifest your work in ways that align with your vision, in real time and with your program partners.

​Participation in this group includes:

  • 9-month program, with a wide range of curriculum, activities and discussion
  • Online sessions every other weekend for 3 hours
  • Designing and implementing your study-to-action strategic plan
  • A built-in support system
  • Individual check-ins
  • Bonus: Monthly Alumni online gatherings after the program is completed

  • Are you ready? ​Do you want to know more? 
    Contact me at mich@wetipthebalance.org or ​send me your contact info​ here. 


    Mich is a deeply dedicated and extremely knowledgeable teacher. This work is her calling. She sources relevant materials, asks penetrating questions, and invites us to discuss the material. She makes relevant connections not only within the texts but to our own lives and our locations in the world. ​After each session I came away with new insights and saw how large concepts around ‘development’, the economy, racial justice, were also connected to my own life. I left the course inspired to think in transformative terms, and to act!​​​​​

    Helen Klonaris 



    This study group has opened my mind to think about what is possible when we move through our own denial and take an honest look at what’s right in front of us. I’ve been learning that the way things work is very different from what I was taught to believe. I’m becoming aware and figuring out how I can get involved in my community. This is the only way we can be available to create better solutions.

    Judy Springsteen