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The Listening Project is a way to listen, learn and inspire collaboration across divisions created by the global economy and the political principles, practices and institutions that maintain division, inequity and exclusion. It is an attempt to hear, see and piece together emerging worldview(s) manifesting through contemporary thought and struggle.

The social systems which must emerge in order for us to survive and thrive through this paradigm shift — and the world it brings — will be built from those very narratives that help us understand where we are collectively coming from and headed to.

Do you participate in collective efforts to build the world you want to live in? If so, you’re invited to contribute to the discussion and have your voice be heard from this platform.

If you’re actively pursuing a collective effort to build the world you want to live in and would to share your experience and perspective, please contact me. A goal here is to amplify the voices of those doing much of the heavy lifting as cultural workers and change agents. Another goal is to create bridges of communication between individuals learning to make change together and change strategies rooted in history.

People who are interviewed will receive a copy of your interview to use as you wish. If you already have a video that you think might be a good match for the gallery and you would like it linked here, please contact me.


I am purposefully leaving the criteria as broad as possible, as collective efforts to build the world you want to live in. Projects may span across political tendencies, academic disciplines, technological advancements, faiths and spiritualities, and so on. My priority is to prioritize:

  • collective efforts with history and experience, rather than future projects
  • collective efforts that significantly have informed or do inform people’s awareness, daily lives and history
  • projects that highlight commonalities and differences of experiences and needs
  • new projects that are part of contemporary and emerging cultures of change (social entrepreneurship, social innovation, projects meant to increase competencies for change or democratic participation…)