Getting ready

​How can we prepare to engage in ​politics and practice ​that could lie somewhere in front of us, but are not yet part of our daily lives? What skills can we acquire to ​do that more effectively?

When we foray into the new terrain "out there", what happens "in here"? If we can learn together how to build a world of individual and collective well-being, we ​might also know how to or be able to: 

  • Make more effective and valuable contributions
  • ​Feel a renewed sense of hope and possibility
  • ​Know about the history, methods and current state of social change efforts
  • Engage in more meaningful connections with others
  • Live life more fully from aspirations for our collective well-being

When exploring anything new, whether it be a new place, a new ​topic, issue or practice, guideposts and mapping can only serve us in the ways we are ready to use them. The challenges of what lies ahead, ​including the journey itself, require​ ​competencies that enable us to address the emotional and practical concerns of living in this precarious moment in history.

​Ricardo Levins Morales 2004