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What do you, or would you, ask of others as you work to build the world you want to live in, knowing they are also doing the same? What would a given community ask of you or your communities as we forge toward that shared vision of a future together from our various vantage points?

The specific ways social change efforts are segregated from each other show divisions created by the global political economy. More people are seeing the need to get involved. We can learn to be involved in ways that respect the needs, efforts and expertise of those who have more at stake and therefore also more – or at least definitively different – experiences.

We Tip the Balance seeks to find ways to work together across these vast differences and to help articulate a shared vision from them.

Interviews shared here are meant to help shed light on where the visions of various communities and traditions of change overlap and diverge, what you/they think we are collectively trying to learn, and what you/they think we could be learning from each other.