About We Tip the Balance

Reading, writing and arithmetic, and more recently speaking and listening, are considered basic skills for being productive and responsible members of society and working toward personal goals. But nowadays, actually shaping the world we want to live in (or participating effectively in the social change upon which our ​collective survival and well-being depend) is becoming a vital, crucial skill: individual and collective well-being are at stake.

For some, this is not a new observation or experience; for others, this view may come with a new sense of urgency and disorientation. We can follow in the steps of those who came before us. We can look to and learn from those who are actively engaged in this work today. And we will piece it together as we go. As the most prominent educators for social change in the 20th Century so aptly have said, this type of learning requires making the road while walking.

We Tip the Balance workshops, study groups and projects offer a way of thinking about and engaging in ​social change that:

  • starts with the human desires, fears and sense of duty ​that make ​politics personal
  • is accessible and “calls in” those for whom participation in social change is new
  • honors and studies the history of social struggle
  • centers contemporary forms of social struggle as reference points
  • sees it as a practice with various forms, types and orders of change that we can ​learn about together

The process of engaging in this collective work also transforms us as individuals.

We Tip the Balance supports a personal process of change...


knowing or assuming what you should be doing

being overwhelmed by the rate, direction and extent of change

doing whatever you can even if it doesn't feel like it's making a difference (and the exhaustion that brings)

attempting to understand the world as it is (and maintaining it along the way)

compromising on a daily basis


talking, listening and learning about what you could be doing

having the tools and skills to grapple with changes as they come

finding strategic and meaningful roles for yourself in the work you see ahead

becoming a practitioner of change and a contributor to our conscious becoming

living the power of your convictions

​We Tip the Balance is not academic, but intellectual. Thought provoking. It demands personal reflection.

Judy Springsteen

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Mich Levy, the instigator of We Tip the Balance, is a white, queer woman with class privilege. She is 50 years old, the grand-daughter of immigrants, and first generation Californian. She was raised in a strongly-identified Jewish family that assimilated into middle-class whiteness through her childhood. She has traveled extensively and lived, studied and worked on three continents.

Mich ​has been active in movements to overcome exclusion and violence -- from domestic violence and violence against women to racism, colonialism, imperialism and war -- since the first U.S. invasion of Iraq. ​She is co-founder of the community-based self-defense/ self-expression project Home Alive and of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network.

Mich has a self-designed bachelor’s degree in personal, social and systems change and a master’s degree in the politics of alternative development studies. She teaches adult basic and secondary education in the public school system. We Tip the Balance is Mich’s way​ to continue learning with others how to build the world we want to live in together.

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